I first met Doctor Firdaus in September 2010, my lower jaw was in distress
and needed immediate dental rescueing.

The Doc had to extract bad teeth and he made an overdenture to fix my problem.

The following year in May 2011, I corresponded with the Doc on several occasions over the net and I decided that I would like to have implants on my upper and lower jaw (I had a full denture on my upper jaw and my lower jaw gave me constant grief as my teeth were gradually rotting) .

May 2011 the Doc gave me 11 implants and build two new overdentures in November of 2011 he made me a set of beautiful teeth, permanently fixed.

Now 8 months later July 2012 I have had the pleasure of eating whatever I like and brim my hollywood smile to everyone.

Dr Firdaus restored my confidence in my daily life, I love brushing my teeth, they look and feel so real I forget that I have implants.

I thankyou Doc and your excellent team of professionals. Your work is second to none. I sing your praises to anyone and everyone who has a dental problems.

Ms Bernie Lewis
Kewdale West Australia



I recently had extensive dental work at Bangsar Dental Specialist Centre [BDSC]. For years I had been deeply paranoid about the ill state of my teeth and would cringe at the sight of my grey fillings in photos. I was fortunate enough to be in a position to correct this.

I elected for a complete rework of my teeth, dressing all 32 or them with Zirconium caps. This gave me the chance to have the smile, gum line and or course teeth that I have always wanted.

Extensive dental work scared the hell out of me. It was never an experience I enjoyed (and I suspect I am not alone in this) however, it was not nearly as bad as my mind would have had me believe. Given the extent of the work, I was disproportionately comfortable. My appointments were on time, my phone calls answered and my surgery completed at a good pace.

The entire staff at BDSC are a delight. Irrespective of the day, time or frequency of call or visit I was welcomed with a warm smile and sincere greetings. Dr Yogesh has an excellent bad side manner in addition to his unquestionable dentistry skills. Thorough explanations (delivered patiently) gave the understanding and confidence I needed to select what was best for me. With a modern high-tech facility, located conveniently and a staff that inspires confidence, the decision to select BDSC was a simple one.

I feel I have had excellent value for money and am delighted with the work I have had done. THANK YOU to the entire team for their help and support.

Colin Henderson

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